Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The Best New Hulu Shows To Watch This Summer

Hulu has a little something for everyone this summer. You can binge watch your favorite cable TV and broadcast TV shows like NCIS and Law And Order: SVU or you can catch up on past seasons of shows like American Horror Story. But Hulu, like Netflix, is making waves with their original series and specials that take risks to tell the stories of populations and characters that don’t usually get seen on TV. Here are three of the best Hulu original series that you can stream this summer when it’s too hot to be outside and you want to curl up on the couch in the air conditioning and lose yourself in some great stories:


Harlots is a period show set in Georgian England but it’s definitely not like any other period show that’s been on TV. Starring Jessica Brown Findley, who fans of period drama will recognize from Downtown Abbey, it follows the increasing rivalry between two madams who run brothels in London. It’s a classic commentary on class and privilege because one of the brothels is run by a lady whose prostitutes are all well-educated, well dressed and well spoken. But the other is run by a back-alley madam from the wrong part of town who is bent on moving up in society and making a fortune for herself.

The Handmaid’s Tale

Hulu finally has an Emmy worthy original with its adaptation of the classic novel The Handmaid’s Tale. Starring Elizabeth Moss this dark and stunning adaptation of the dystopian society of Gilead is haunting and mesmerizing. It was recently picked up for a second season based on the raves from both audiences and critics for the show’s unflinching look at what a society ruled by extremist religious beliefs looks like. The story follows the character of Offred, a modern woman who was forced to become a Handmaid in the new Republic of Gilead which was formed after religious extremists staged a coup and overthrew the US government.

Castle Rock

For science fiction and horror fans Castle Rock looks like one of the most interesting new series in awhile. J.J. Abrams and Stephen King have teamed up to create a new series set within the Stephen King universe. In traditional Stephen King fashion the series will explore the lives and secrets of some characters that on the surface seem familiar but underneath are carrying dark secrets.

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Friday, 19 May 2017

How To Sell Items On Social Media

If you have been thinking about selling some crafts or other items online to make some extra cash it’s never been easier to sell your stuff online. Now you don’t even need to have your own website to sell items. You can sell them directly on social media without even having to take the time to put up your own site.
People like buying through social media because they trust the social media platform more than some websites. They have direct access to you through messages and they can be sure that you received their order. Selling on social media is quickly becoming the best way to sell items online. It gives buyers and sellers more peace of mind because they can directly contact each other and if there is a problem they can work it out person to person instead of going through some customer service site.
Selling some crafts or getting rid of household items that you don’t want anymore is a great way to make some extra money for the holidays, a vacation, or just to pad your savings a little. Here are some tips to help you get started selling on social media:
Pick A Platform

You can sell items directly on Facebook, Pinterest and many other social media sites. Facebook and Pinterest are probably the best ones to sell on because they have such a huge reach. And you can start by selling items directly to your friends and family. Selling on Pinterest is easy but there is more competition. Selling on Facebook is probably the best for beginners who haven’t sold items before.
Set Up A Page

You will need a Facebook page for your business if you’re going to sell items that you make or resale items. If you just want to sell some household items you can look for a local sales group and sell your items directly to people in the community through that group. But setting up a Facebook page is easy and it just takes a few minutes. Once your page is up and running invite all your friends and family members to like your page. If you want to increase the visibility of your page you can run inexpensive Facebook ads that will make sure more people see your new page in their newsfeeds. Then you can start posting.
Setting Up Seller Preferences

You’ll need to use a third party merchant if you want to take payments through Facebook. You can use PayPal, Shopify, or any other merchant that you like. PayPal and Shopify are the most often used payment processors. To set up a store you will need to install a on your Facebook page. It’s easy to do and just takes a few minutes. Once you have set up your merchant account to accept online payments you can get started.
List Items

List items by uploading photos of the item to the shopping cart. Then enter a price and shipping if you are going to ship the items. If you don’t ship them you will need to follow up with the buyer by direct message to find out how to deliver the item or have them pick it up. That’s all there is to it. You are not ready to start selling. When your item sells you will get a direct message letting you know that there is a sale. From there it’s a good idea to send a direct message to the buyer letting them know you received their order and letting them know when their item will be shipped. Or you can set up a time for pick up or delivery.
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5 Annoying Household Tasks Amazon Echo Does For You

The Amazon Echo may well be one of the coolest gadgets ever. It can do almost anything and it will make life easier in so many ways. You’ll be shocked at how much it can do and how many tasks will be easier when you have Alexa, the Echo’s virtual assistant, to help you. From managing the household to cooking help to getting information on your morning commute Alexa is going to change the way that you live. Here are five household tasks people hate to do that Alexa can handle for you:
Ordering Household Supplies

How many times have you gone to start the laundry and discovered you were out of laundry soap? Or that you need scrubbing pads to clean the bathroom? Or that you’re out of your favorite bodywash? Now you don’t need to go through the long process of logging into your computer and ordering supplies online or make another trek to the store to pick up just a couple of supplies. Tell Alexa to order laundry soap, paper towels, scrub pads or your favorite bodywash and Alexa will place the order on Amazon for you. If you live in a major city you may even be able to get your items that same day. If not, they’ll show up in two days or less if you have Amazon Prime.
Ordering Dinner

Don’t want the hassle of cooking dinner after a long day but don’t want to go through take out menus and place a order and wait around on hold? Tell Alexa to order whatever food you want. Alexa will find a local restaurant with that kind of food and make the order for you. All you have to do is decide what you want to eat, relax until it arrives, and then eat. On a busy night when the kids have sports and lessons and you’ve worked all day it is a fabulous luxury to be able to just tell Alexa to get a pizza and have dinner handled.
Organizing The Household Schedule

Keeping track of everyone’s sports and lessons schedules, work schedules, appointment and other household information can be a nightmare. But the days of huge white boards with color coded appointments that have to be constantly updated are over. Tell Alexa when the appointments, meetings, lessons and other important dates and times are and let Alexa schedule everything. Alexa will create a master schedule and send it to your email and phone so that everyone in the household has a copy of the entire schedule. That can free up hours of your time each week and make sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to the household schedule.
Get The News

Trying to get the highlights of the news from TV in the morning is a pain. Who wants to sit through another round of chat with an overly exuberant talk show host waiting for the headlines? No one. But you don’t have time in the mornings to get on the computer and get the news online. With Amazon Echo you can get the news read to you while you eat breakfast or get ready for work. Just tell Alexa to give you the day’s news and Alexa will read to you the stories from your favorite news outlets.
Turn Appliances On And Off

You will need to purchase a smart plug for this one, but it’s well worth the cost. Smart plugs usually run about $30 each. Plug your appliances, curling iron, or anything else into a smart plug and Alexa can turn them on and off. So if you leave bread in the toaster before you go to bed and tell Alexa to turn the toaster on when you get in the shower you’ll get out of the shower to a hot breakfast. Or Alexa can turn on the washer. Or the dishwasher.
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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Authentic Content and Other Social Media Trends in 2017

Social media is a medium that is constantly changing. As technology advances and people change the way that they use social media the social media trends change. This year the hottest trends in iPhone spy are also the one that connect people directly and give people more insight into each other’s lives. Here are some of the trends to watch for on social media in 2017:

Video Content and Live Streaming

Authentic content, or videos and live streaming, is the hottest trend in social media this year. Twitter has had streaming available through Periscope for a while. But now Facebook has launched Facebook Live which allows people to stream video content in real time. Twitter is updating the platform to allow something similar. And other social media platforms are following suit. There are both positives and negatives to live streaming video. It can be a great way to connect to the people that you care about. It’s also a good way to engage potential customers and clients.

But the down side of streaming video is that it can’t easily be tracked. In several news worthy cases there have been crimes committed live on camera through Facebook Live that were not able to be easily tracked. The ability to essentially launch your own reality TV show is tempting for people who want to be notorious. So use caution when creating authentic content or allowing your kids to live stream videos.


Chatbots are solving the customer service crisis for businesses. These days people expect customer service representatives for a business to be available 24 hours a day because people are shopping online 24 hours a day. People also expect one on one customer service through social media as well as through chat. It’s expensive for companies to train and pay enough customer service workers to cover social media, chat and phone around the clock. Chatbots fill in the gaps. Chatbots are automated customer service messaging bots that are available on iPhone spyware. They can answer limited customer questions and refer customers to live help during normal customer service hours. More and more businesses are using chatbots as customers expect to be able to reach a business around the clock.

Augmented Experiences

Have you seen social media photos popping up with people who have animal ears and noses? What people whose features are morphed or covered in stickers? That’s considered an augmented social media post. Augmented social media is the ability to add stickers, emojis and other things to photos and videos. It’s one of the most popular social media trends in 2017 and social media platforms are jumping all over it. Right now people are using apps on smart phones to augment their photos and videos before posting them on social media. But social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are rolling out changes to their functionality which will allow people to add stickers and other augments to their photos and videos directly from a desktop.

So if you have been wondering why you have been seeing your friends and family members posting strange photos and videos of themselves that’s why. Augmented photos and videos are extremely popular right and are likely to stay that way at least into 2018. This is a trend that shouldn’t last terribly long because it’s really something more popular with Millennials and younger generations. But the trend of creating authentic streaming content is likely going to stay for a long time. iPhone spy app is evolving and streaming video is the next step in that evolution. So if you are an avid social media user you might want to start getting camera ready now.

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How Parents Can Fight Online Bullying

Online bullying is a serious problem that kids face. Online bullying can lead to depression, behavioral problems, and even suicide. Parents should always take online bullying seriously. You child may not want to talk to you about online bullying. Often kids don’t want to report that they’re being bullied because they fear that bringing in adults will make the bullying worse. But that’s why it’s important that you monitor your child’s iPhone spy. If your child tells you that he or she is being bullied or you notice signs of bullying in your child’s social media here are some things that you can do about it:

Talk To Your Child

If you suspect that your child may be facing online bullying try talking to your child about it. Talk gently, don’t lecture them. Let them know that you want to help them and that no one should have to deal with online bullying. Try to get your child to open up to you about the bullying. Built trust with your child. Don’t yell at them. Don’t accuse them of anything. And never blame them for the bullying. Let your child know that you love them and want to help.

Install Tracking Apps

If you want to take any kind of action against the bully or get your child’s school or the authorities to help you they will want proof of the bullying. Telling your child to save screenshots of any harassing messages or comments may not work. So install tracking apps like Net Nanny on your home computer. These tracking apps automatically take screen shots of the computer at regular intervals. That way you can see any messages or comments that are posted and you will have screen shots to share with authorities. This iPhone spyware is very important step. Online bullying can be tough to prove without screen shots and direct evidence of bullying.

Do Something

If your child tells you that there is a problem or that they are being harassed online do something to help. Don’t shrug it off or tell your child that it will blow over. Take it seriously. If your child trusts you enough to come to you and tell you that there is a problem that is a big deal. It shows they trust you. Don’t break that trust. Respond and do whatever it takes to help them. Too many parents don’t take bullying seriously and they don’t do enough to help their kids when the kids are in trouble. The consequences of not helping could be a lot more serious than you realize. It’s easy to think that online bullying isn’t a big deal but to kids it is a very big deal. It can lead to physical violence or other problems. Don’t assume that it will go away by itself. It usually doesn’t. But you can stop it if you take steps to get involved and protect your child.

Be An Advocate

Your first reaction might be to try and iPhone spy app to track down the bully and deal with the situation yourself. But that’s usually not effective and might even lead to more trouble. Take the screen shots that you have and all the evidence of bullying and go to the school authorities and the police. Don’t take no for an answer. Make them help you. Many schools have policies against online bullying even if it’s not done on school property. There are also laws about online harassment that can result in fines or even in jail time. Take it seriously and fight to get help for your child. Your child needs to know they can count on your support when they are in trouble.

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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Why Having a Tracking a Cell Phone Can Help in Your Parenting Strategy

The introduction of tracking a cell phone has significantly helped guardians everywhere throughout the world with their child rearing parts. As guardians, hunting down approaches to accommodate kids and keeping them far from mischief has dependably been a principle need. That is the reason when following a mobile phone programming projects have been accessible in the market, an extensive number of concerned guardians attempted their destiny with this sort of alternative. Luckily, a ton of them communicated their appreciation for this progressive innovation since it has helped particularly on the part of the well-being and welfare of their children.

More About Spy Apps

While it is still better to be dependably there for your kids, a mobile phone spy application for Android and iPhone gadgets can be exceptionally helpful. Simply envision that in a matter of a single tick, you would have the capacity to get a complete insight about your tyke's versatile exercises. Through the assistance of a GPS following framework include, you would have the capacity to get the present area and separation of the telephone in seconds. You can without much of a stretch do this whenever and anyplace the length of you have a web association. Since a few children can be reckless, you can likewise effortlessly recover a lost telephone through the assistance of this following framework.

There is nothing to stress over the bother of the entire downloading and introducing process since it may very well take you minutes to complete the entire thing. You may be required to fill in your name and other vital information especially the objective telephone or your youngster's telephone. After this has been done, you can continue on introducing your preferred spy application. There is a wide exhibit of spyware brands in the market, you simply need to pick the best one that suits your taste.

What Can Be Viewed Online?

After you have effectively downloaded this product, you will be coordinated to an online dashboard where all the essential data is in. You can get hold of fundamental information, for example, keep an eye on spy on text messages history, call logs, web seeing histories or even photographs or recordings shared on the web. In any case, there are premium brands that empower you to tune in to real telephone discussions.

Track cell phone keep on being among the top apparatuses found to help guardians and even organization proprietors make the most out of cell phone checking - for a great deal of good reasons. While more innovation is being developed on an every day scale, it's great to really realize there are a lot of applications that can make checking less demanding and speedier.

Safeguarde is a progressive versatile checking application that accompanies a lot of premium elements for guardians to appreciate. Made with an intense following framework, it offers a very propelled following strategies for both Android and iPhone clients.

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Friday, 24 March 2017

Spy On Texts - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

How To Spy On Texts

For all sorts of good reasons, an individual may wish to know how to intercept texts and how to monitor texts on IPhones specifically. There is a variety of software available from companies such as Hero Searches, Safeguarde and SurePoint amongst others to make this possible. However, not all of the reasons people wish to spy on other's texts are necessarily good. 

The Good

On the positive side, there are a number of "relationships" where such activity would be considered reasonable, and perhaps even desirable or essential. One would be parent and child. Nowadays, most kids have access to a cell phone, around 80% of teenagers in the USA have, therefore it's something most parents have to face up to. This brings risks - cyberbullying, malicious calls, sexting, contact with undesirable friends and acquaintances amongst them. 

Another situation might be Employers and Employees. As part of the employment relationship there is an implicit expectation that neither will harm the other, therefore the employer has to take steps to protect themselves against damaging behaviours of the employee, such as making an unreasonable number of private calls on their company cell phone, visiting inappropriate websites and even contacting competitors to provide information. A third situation would be Government Agencies and Criminals. Agencies such as the CIA, the FBI, the Police etc. have to use every tool available in their fight against crime and terrorism, including monitoring cell phone usage.

The Bad and The Ugly

As well as the numerous good reasons to monitor text traffic, there are some situations where the "spy" is not acting with the best intent. Jealous partners, over-controlling employers and over-zealous parents may step over the line of reasonableness when deciding what and how much to monitor. There have been instances where individuals have installed spy on text on their partner's cell phone without foundation and tried to monitor every move their partner made, utilizing GPS data as well as cell phone call and text traffic to do this. Whilst the monitoring software, including those mentioned in the opening paragraph, can do this, it is hardly what it is intended for and is certainly not advised.

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